CENG 240 Pre-registration

01-CE  - Thu 8:40

02-STAT,CE,MINE - Fri 10:40

03-STAT,MINE - Wed 13:40

04-ENVE - Fri 8:40

05-GEOE - Fri 8:40

06-PETE - Thu 15:40

07- Wed 15:40

08-  Mon 15:40

09-CHE - Mon 10:40


The students of CE, STAT, MINE, PETE, GEOE, CHE, ENVE departments may take the course 240 if they have failed from the CENG 230/240 or didn't take the course before.

Due to overwhelming interest in the 240 course, we have to request pre-registration from students who want to take it.

You can access the pre-registration [FROM(11.03.2021-14:00)-TO(23.03.2021-17:00)] form from the link below:


Pre-registeration is a "necessary but not sufficient”  condition:

There will be an elimination process due to the limitation of resources.

We will let you know, the day right after the deadline pre-registration,  by email, if you are accepted or not for enrollment.

Also, the information which you will provide will be checked for correctness. In case of contradiction your application will be canceled.