List of courses - Fall 2021

Dear students,

Below you can find the list of CENG courses that will be offered this semester. The “Ç” in the first column indicates an online (çevrimiçi) course. Other courses are face-to-face with possible online components (hence, “hybrid”).

Undergraduate courses:

Ç CENG 100 Computer Engineering Orientation
CENG 111 Int. to Computer Engineering Concepts
Ç CENG 140 C Programming
Ç CENG 213 Data Structures
Ç CENG 223 Discrete Computational Structures
Ç CENG 315 Algorithms
Ç CENG 331 Computer Organization
Ç CENG 351 Data Management and File Structures
Ç CENG 435 Data Communications and Networking
Ç CENG 477 Int. to Computer Graphics
Ç CENG 491 Computer Engineering Design I
CENG 424 Logic for CS
CENG 443 Int. to Object-Oriented Prog. Lang. and Sys.
CENG 445 Software Dev. with Scripting Languages
CENG 451 Inf. Systems Analysis and Design
CENG 462 Artificial Intelligence
CENG 463 Int. to NLP
CENG 466 Fundamentals of Image Processing
CENG 483 Int. to Computer Vision
CENG 487 Int. to Quantum Computing
CENG 499 Int. to Machine Learning
CENG 382 Analysis of Dynamic Systems
Ç CENG 240 Prog.with Python for Engineers
CENG 301 Algorithms and Data Structures
CENG 302 Int. to DBMS
CENG 305 Int. to Object-Oriented Prog. with JAVA
CENG 310 Algorithms and Data Structures with Python

Graduate courses:

CENG 501 Deep Learning
Ç CENG 532 Distributed Computing Systems
CENG 536 Advanced UNIX
CENG 540 Programming Languages
CENG 551 System Development with Abstract Design
CENG 561 Artificial Intelligence
CENG 563 Computational Linguistics I
Ç CENG 567 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Ç CENG 570 Computational Geometry
CENG 574 Statistical Data Analysis
CENG 587 High Dynamic Range Imaging
Ç CENG 590 Research Methods and Ethics
Ç CENG 591 Graduate Seminar
Ç CENG 691 Graduate Seminar
Ç CENG 599 Term Project
Ç SE 599 Term Project
Ç CENG 707 Data Structures and Algorithms
CENG 734 Advanced Topics in Bioinformatics
CENG 786 Robot Motion Planning and Control
Ç CENG 790 Big Data Analytics
CENG 791 Technical Communication for Computer Engineers I
Ç SE 550 Software Engineering