Senior Design Projects

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The undergraduate curriculum includes a sequence of design project courses in which students take an idea into a full-fledged software product. Below, you can find links to our senior design projects grouped by years.


Augmented Reality Project Context Aware User Interface Project Brain Waves Based Psychological Rehabilitation and DecisionSupport System
SNMP Agent & Network Simulator Applet to JSF Convertor Automatic CDR Generation
An Intelligent and Learning System for Turn-based Games iCARDEA Project: Personalized Adaptive Care Secure Video Streaming Proxy Server
Agent Based Virtual & Constructive Simulation Framework Social Coding Website Audio Visual Gaming Network
Greenhouse Monitoring using Wireless Sensor Network Cloud-based Scalable Organization Management System with Semantic Web Watch&Touch: The Low-Cost Interactive Whiteboard Solution
FND Result Server Best-Eleven Football Manager Game Online National Election Voting
Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Project Controlling Mobile Devices via Gesture Recognition


BIS-SME Football 4 Linux Super Market Guide
MOS-SME Aspec IS-Lab
Secure Voice over IP Poker First Person Shooter Game


Climb Planner 433Mhz RF Sensor Application with Microcontrollers and Visualization Mobile Gateway for Social Networking Services
Domain Specific Kit Implementation for Business Rules Management Cluster Toolbox or Library for High Performance Computing Change Management and Quality Framework for Course Design and Planning


XMPP and Ajax Based Web Messaging System Applications on AP-400 Device An Optimizing ANSI C Compiler
Extension of a Web-based ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) Tool Online Virtual Team Collaboration Platform with 3D Graphics Photogrammetry Lab
Network Protocol Auto-Sensing, Summary & Analysis Tool Gateway Portal for Job Seekers and Companies Medical Text Mining on Turkish Radiology Reports


An Integrated Development Environment for AJAX Development Environment for CEng Embedded Board Digital Poster Design with Bluetooth Capabilities
Massively Multiplayer Online 3D Game A Unified News Service with Multiple Access Methods


Bluetooth Controller Hardware and Library Digital Circuit Design and Simulation Tool Education Tool Based on 3D CG Animation and Visualization
Internet Mobile GIS Implementation Application Level Gateway for Web Access Control and Accounting


3D Advanture Game Project Management Tool Restaurant Automation Software
Virtual Classroom Tool Wireless Network Based Door Security System


3D Physics Simulation Document Flow Management System Helper System for Blind People
Remote Software Installation and Management Student Registration System Interdisciplinary Projects (Electronic Pet)