Wireless Network Service (CENGi)

Wireless Network Service (CENGi)

You can connect to unsecured (No WEP or WPA) wireless network named “CENGi”. When you try to access a web page with a browser, you will be redirected to a login page. You can login with your department user id and password.

The https login page has a self signed certificate with the following SHA1 fingerprint.


Check that the fingerprint is correct, Accept the certificate on the first time you connect. Later, if you are alerted that the certificate has changed, there might be a man-in-the-middle attacker; do not enter your password and alert admin@ceng.metu.edu.tr

After your login, you can connect to internet freely. Remember that university policies apply, so no file sharing applications or illegal actions in the wireless network.

You can use the logout link in the “logged in” window to logout when you are leaving. If you have closed “logged in” window, go to this web page; http://logout

You have to relogin to the system after 8 hours of usage. And your machine will be automatically logged out after 30 minutes of idleness, you should relogin if this happens.

The connection itself is not encrypted, so be aware that any data you send over non encrypted protocols will be easily readable. That is the natural consequence of not having to set up WPA. You can safely use encrypted connections like https and SSH.