High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing Facility of the Department of Computer Engineering.

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NAR is a HPC cluster located in Dept. of Computer Engineering. It aims to serve research studies and courses of METU, involving parallel algorithms and solutions.

NAR is connected to the TR-Grid e-infrastructure through which the users submit their parallel jobs. One with an atypical requirement can write us about their situation.

Although it is a Linux cluster, Windows HPC Server 2008 could be made available for testing development and purposes on request.

Contact: hpc-admin@ceng.metu.edu.tr


NAR is only for parallel solutions of any kind, including parameter study, but definitely not to support sequential programs.

Researchers are welcome to benefit from this HPC cluster. All the researchers using NAR are kindly requested to send us the abstract of their study within the first year of use.

Students may also use these HPC facilities within the frame of a course, provided that the course instructor sends us the following information: Course code and name, purpose of the use, and list of the students to use NAR.

An acknowledgement must appear in a publication of any material developed with the computational resources of NAR. The following paragraphs (in English and in Turkish) are recommended for acknowledgement:

  • The HPC resources were provided by the Department of Computer Engineering, Middle East Technical University.”
  • Çalışmada kullanılan Yüksek Başarımlı Hesaplama kaynakları, Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, Bilgisayar Mühendisliği Bölümü tarafından sağlanmıştır.”


Information about the system:


Pictures from HPC room (by Göktürk Üçoluk):


Useful Documents Related to HPC:

HPC Mini Workshop

Presentations and Examples of Code from CENG HPC Mini Workshop Read More…

HPC Opening Seminar

Seminar Presentation Containing the Properties of Our System Read More…

Available Modules

List of currently available environment modules Read More…

Introduction to HPC Concepts 1 (System Properties & MPI Basics)

The slides of the presentations on 12.11.2008 and 13.11.2008 and examples Read More…

Introduction to HPC Concepts 2 (OpenMP)

The slides of the presentation on 21.11.2008 and examples Read More…

Introduction to HPC Concepts 3 (PBS Internals)

The slides of the presentation on 26.11.2008 Read More…

Introduction to HPC Concepts 2 (Advanced MPI)

The slides of the presentations on 28.11.2008 and examples Read More…

Introduction to HPC Concepts 4 (Pthread)

The slides of the presentations on 3.12.2008 and examples Read More…

Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008

Guidelines and examples about MSW HPC Server 2008 Download…

Matlab Parallel Computing Toolbox

Presentation of “Introduction to MATLAB's Parallel Computing Toolbox” and an example code Read More…


Examples of short applications using HPC tools and libraries:

  • Simple “Hello world” program using MPI. An MPI program written in C language and related pbs script. Download files
  • Simple Distributed Matlab Program. An example Matlab program, which uses Distributed Computing Engine, and related PBS script. Download files
  • A Sample Configuration for Matlab's Parallel Computing Toolbox Download file