Mail Services

Mail Services

Mail server information at a glance

IMAP (Use SSL encryption on default port, 993)
POP (Use SSL encryption on default port, 995)
SMTP (Use port 587 with TLS encryption )
Webmail URL

IMAP & POP Service Information

  • IMAP and POP services are used to read your emails. It is recommended that you use IMAP instead of POP or webmail
  • You should enable SSL and TLS encryption options in your mail clients
  • You can find instructions on setting up your imap account for Thunderbird.

Webmail Services

There are 2 different applications available to access your emails via a web interface. Use them when you have a temporary access to a computer or a slow connection.

General issues

  • Having a large Inbox will require too much CPU resource in receiving, spam and virus filtering, fetching and reading mails. Clean your Inbox regularly. Do not keep mails with large attachments in your Inbox. Arrange your mails in different folders. Also, see automated filtering section below.
  • The respond times of servers will decrease as you keep your Inbox folder large.
  • POP protocol downloads all mails in your client local disk. You may encounter some problems when you change PC and/or configuration. In case you use pop, do not forget to enable some setting like “remove from server when deleted” in your client application.

Automated filtering

You can use “Sieve Language” for filtering your e-mails on the server. See deparment's sieve page for an example sieve file with comments. Also, the Roundcube webmail has a server side filter editor, which is accessible from Settings → Filters.