Modeling and Simulation Research and Development Center

Middle East Technical University - Turkish Armed Forces Modeling and Simulation Research and Development Center (METU-TAF MODSIMMER) was established to facilitate the development of an integrated Joint Operations Simulation System (JOSIMS) in line with 21st Century technologies and standards based on a collaboration agreement between Turkish Armed Forces (TAF), Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) and Middle East Technical University (METU).

The METU-TAF Modeling and Simulation (MODSIM) joint activity was first initiated in June 1999 as a Research and Development (R&D) laboratory. Later, in May 2001, it took the center status, known as METU-TAF MODSIMMER. Nowadays, the center is planning to expand its activities in order to become a Center of Excellence for Modeling and Simulation Technologies with the support of State Planning Organization.

Missions of the center

  • To help conduct basic and applied research and development necessary to realize analytical and simulation systems required for the achievement of JOSIMS, in terms of prototypes and products.
  • To facilitate the creation of technical infrastructure for JOSIMS, in terms of standards, procedures and technologies.
  • To provide education and training to raise the level of awareness and expertise regarding Military MODSIM applications.

Capabilities of MODSIMMER

The center focuses on building national MODSIM capabilities, through raising the awareness and importance of development of defense related MODSIM technologies and the required infrastructure. The center has been involved in the development of high-resolution virtual and constructive visual simulation systems as well as integrated advanced analytical models.

With the progress of basic and applied research work, the center facilitates the necessary academic support for the development of MODSIM based systems in order to contribute to the national defense industry. The cooperation between academia and industry is expected to contribute to the peace time operational defense capabilities, as well as industry and University's R&D achievements in MODSIM field.

Activities of MODSIMMER

By increasing the national R&D activities required for the MODSIM based systems in Turkey, it will be possible to consciously influence the future direction and amount of investment and procurement in this field.

In the light of the principles, rules, standards and priorities mentioned in TAF MODSIM Master Plan Document, the following activities are executed:

  • Developing analytical models and simulation systems that are ready to use, credible, integrated with C4ISR systems.
  • Creating synthetic environments and/or virtual prototypes of concepts and technologies related with information, material procurement and weapon systems that TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) plans to acquire, and analyzing these during research, development and engineering phases.
  • Identifying and updating principles and standards related with development of national models and simulation systems.
  • Coordinating MODSIM research activities within Middle East Technical University and nationwide.
  • Serving as a MODSIM consultant to Turkish Armed Forces.
  • Organizing scientific and technical meetings (seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.).

Academic activities are as follows:

  • To conduct R&D to achieve the conceptual basis for the MODSIM technologies and create the necessary infrastructure.
  • To create a research environment for the military personnel enrolled in the METU MODSIM Master of Science and other academic programs to contribute to the R&D in the defense related MODSIM applications.

The objectives of METU academic activities are:

  • To help creating know-how and expertise needed by Turkish Armed Forces and the defense industry in the field of MODSIM
  • To sponsor and develop interdisciplinary R&D in the field of MODSIM based defense applications
  • To provide MODSIM education and training for the TAF personnel working in the field
  • To construct a bridge between the national defense long/midterm MODSIM needs and educational and training needs of the industry in this field

METU Departments Involving in MODSIM Projects

  • Department of Industrial Design
  • Department of Aerospace Engineering
  • Department of Computer Engineering
  • Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Department of Industrial Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Computer Education and
  • Instructional Technology