Personal Web Pages

Personal Web Pages

You can create a personal web page at your department account. For this, create a “public_html” directory under your home directory. Any file you put there will be visible under the URL

You can use PHP within your web page. You can put an HTML file named “index.html” or PHP file named “index.php” and it will be displayed to visitors. If there is no index file the list of files under public_html directory will be automatically generated.

You have to set the necessary permisions like this;

# The web server must be able to access your home directory
chmod o+x ~  

# Make all files that reside under "~/public_html" readable, 
# make all directories readable and 'enterable/accessible' 
#(note capital X. See 'man chmod' for info)
chmod -R o+rX ~/public_html  

# if you are using PHP, there is no need for lax permissions. 
# If you can read the file yourself, so can the PHP engine.
chmod go-rwx ~/public_html/index.php 

# OR use find
find ~/public_html/ -iname "*php" -exec chmod go-rwx {} \;

Can we use our personal web pages for commercial purposes?

You are not supposed to use your personal web page for commercial purposes. The aim of this service is to provide you with a personal web space, where you can represent yourself or learn new technologies.