Multimedia Database Research Lab

Multimedia Database Laboratory, established in 2006 at Computer Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University, is intended to keep the hardware and software infrastructure continually up-to-date, and thus, enables new research activities in multimedia database area. Currently, the project titled: “Design and Development of a Fusion-Based Framework for Surveillance Applications in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSN)”, which is supported by the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), is carried out in the Multimedia Database Laboratory. Throughout the project, a new approach/ framework solving various WMSN problems is aimed. In the proposed framework the focus is on increasing accuracy of transferred information as well as the wireless network energy efficiency. By using fuzzy clustering algorithms, a wireless sensor network consuming much less energy than currently used networks will be constructed. In addition, by developing and using new multi-modal data fusion algorithms, a WMSN framework that provides high accuracy ratios will be obtained. Thus, a WMSN framework that reduces energy consumption while at the same time increasing accuracy is developed and experimentally verified.