S2RL: Systems Security Research Laboratory


The Systems Security Research Laboratory (S2RL) at METU conducts cutting-edge research in the security of computer systems, spanning a wide variety of fields including data privacy, cryptography engineering, network security, IoT security, hardware security, security of cloud systems, intrusion detection, identity management, access control, autonomous systems security, digital forensics, blockchain, formal modeling and security policies. The laboratory brings together security experts in multi-disciplinary research teams to create innovative solutions to systems security problems faced by various industries and individuals.

The mission of S2RL is to identify and address contemporary and future security challenges in a wide array of computerized systems. An important mission of the lab is to bridge the gap between the science and application of systems security by bringing together expert researchers working on different facets of similar security problems in common projects. The goal will be to enable the transfer of knowledge within and outside interdisciplinary researchers to create real-world security systems usable by the industry and government.    

Strategic Goals

  • To become a leading research laboratory in computer systems security, advancing science of security to create solutions for contemporary and future cybersecurity challenges.
  • To consolidate the research forces in various disciplines of systems security at METU through joint projects, co-advising of graduate students and common dissemination activities.
  • To bridge the gap between different disciplines of security including computer science, applied mathematics, informatics, electrical & electronics engineering and all other related disciplines through transfer of knowledge.
  • To work with industry to create security solutions for real-world problems.