Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Department Accounts

How can I connect to lab computers

You can follow the instructions in the given file, click here to download.

I can not login to ssh servers

Connect ssh servers via 8085 port

I can not login to lab machines

I can not receive my ceng account mails

"Firefox is already running, but is not responding problem

First, You should check lock file under the .mozilla/firefox/****default****/ folders. Secondly, You should Check your quotaIf this does not help, delete .mozilla directory.

How can I change my password

You must connect to external (port 8085), login (port 8085) or one of inek machines, by using an SSH client. After that you must run the “passwd” command to change your password. Note that while you type your password to “passwd” command, there will be no output displayed.

Questions About Laboratories

When I try to open firefox, I get an error that says "firefox is already open?"

You get this error is because;

  1. you have forgot your account open on another machine
  2. your firefox crashed, or your quota was exceeded when you closed firefox.
  • First Check your quota, and lower your disk space usage so you are under your quota.
  • Open a terminal, then go into your firefox profile directory, which is
  • List details of the file named “lock” by “ls -l lock”. You will see something like “lock →”
  • Take the IP address in ls output, and lookup its DNS name with host command, like “host”. This will give you the host name (in this example it will give “”
  • Connect to that inek machine and see if there is a firefox process running with your user id, with the following command
    ps -ef| grep firefox | grep e111111 | grep -v grep
  • If you get a listing, there is a running firefox, note the Process ID in second column.
    • Either go to the relevant inek machine and logout your forgotten account, OR if the machine is occupied, SSH into the machine and kill firefox with the command “kill <Process ID>”. You can also kill all of your running processes with “kill -9 -1”
  • If you do not get any listing from ps command, there isn't a running firefox and you can delete the lock file (“rm lock”)
  • Then you can try opening firefox.

Panel and/or buttons have disappeared

  • First Check your quota. Quota expiration may cause odd gui problems like these.
  • If you are not over your quota, some of your customised settings may cause gnome panel to crash or buttons disappear. Or while you were over your quota, your configuration directories can get corrupted, and even if you go under your quota, your desktop session will have problems.
  • By following these steps, you can remove your desktop configuration files but this will reset all your customizations and desktop settings.
  • First logout from your desktop session
    • If you cannot see your panel or logout button, press “Alt + F2” and run “gnome-terminal”
    • in terminal run the command “gnome-session-save –kill” and select logout
    • If the previous steps do not work, try pressing “Alt Gr + Sys Req + k” to kill your X session.
  • Switch to text console by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F1
  • Login to your account and then run the following to reset gnome settings to defaults
    rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd
  • If you are using KDE, remove the ”.kde directory”
    rm -rf .kde
  • After deleting these folders you can turn back to GUI desktop by pressing “Ctrl + Alt + F7” (or Ctrl + Alt + F8, F9 …) And you can login to a resetted desktop.

I want to reset my desktop settings

Even If you don't have any problems, you may want to return default desktop settings. In this case, follow the steps in “Panel and/or buttons have disappeared” question.

Are there any other Desktop Environments installed, other than Gnome ?

Yes, you can use KDE, XFCE, IceWM, Enlightenment, Windowmaker and Fluxbox desktop environments, by selecting them from the bottom of the login screen, after typing in your username but before typing in your password. You can login to the default Gnome desktop environment by selecting “Ubuntu Desktop Edition” from the same menu.

Questions About MSDN

How can I request an MSDN account?

You can request an MSDN account through COW–>User–>Msdn page. The requests are collected and batch-processed in a week.

After getting an account, where to go for MSDN software?

You can follow this link.