Information about Quota

Your department account's filesystem quota is 2048MB. This means your files under your directory cannot exceed a total of 2048MB.

You can check your quota usage with “quota -v” command on ineks. If you have exceeded your quota, you will probably have problems logging in using graphical login. You can login from console(ctrl+alt+f2,f3,f4, ...) and delete your excess files to go below your quota. The following command will show you the size of your files & directories, sorted ascendingly.

find ~ -maxdepth 1 -name "*" -exec du -sh {} \; |sort -bh

Change the ”~” with any other directory name to look into that directory. If you do not have large files on your account, most probably trash directories and web browser caches are taking up your quota. By investigating with the command given above, you can find exactly which directories are filling your quota.

After logging out from the console, use ctrl+alt+f1 (f2, f3, ...) to return back to graphical login screen.