PhD Degree

PhD Degree

Please see "curriculum and requirements" and course list for more information on the PhD program and the requirements.

For more information on PhD qualification exams, see the PhD qualification exam guidelines.

Publication requirement for the Ph.D. defense:

Due to a decision of the Department (Board Meeting on the 6th of March, 2013), in order to be able to defend the thesis, the student should have at least one journal article satisfying the following:

  1. The student should be the first author.
  2. The topic of the article should be from the Ph.D. thesis and a relevant field of the Department.
  3. The article should have METU and the Department as the affiliation.
  4. The journal should be in “METU SCI-E (Type A)” or “METU SCI-E (Type B)” journal lists.
  5. The article should have been either accepted or it should have received “major revision” (this should be demonstrated by a letter from the editor).